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What is reflexology:

·  Reflexology delivers the following benefits:
·  Stress reduction and deep relaxation
·  Improved circulation
·  Aids the body in eliminating wastes and impurities
·  Revitalizes energy and balances the body
Reflexology works through the energy zones that run the length of the body. Reflexologists specify that there are ten of these zones; five on each side of the body that run from the head and tips of the fingers down through the body and into the feet. These zones can be thought of as meridians that give access at specific points on the body to other specific points within that zone in the body. The energy of life and the Universe flows through our bodies. Sometimes, this energy flow becomes blocked. But, because the whole of our bodies is contained within the feet, a reflexologist is able to reopen the energy flow to specific areas in the body that are blocked by working the corresponding part of the foot. This process brings balance and harmony to the body and can greatly aid the body in healing itself. Reflexology is more than just a good foot rub. Working on the feet is an ancient art, as is evident from historical artifacts, texts, and illustrations, and its therapeutic effects have been well recognized in many cultures.